Write for The Magicians' Collective

We are so excited that you want to collaborate, write, and contribute to the betterment of the Magic community.

We want this site, and its community to be driven by everyone – with some moderation and a few rules of engagement to help keep it civilized.

We want to provide a platform where every member of our magical community who has something to say can have a voice and a freely available platform where to express and publish their thoughts, ideas, inspiration, questions and, above all, self-expression.

Currently, The Magicians’ Collective is a grand experiment in collective and collaborative content creation around topics that we feel are getting less and less attention as the industry continues to be product and method driven. We don’t want, nor think that we need, another magic site where to learn new tricks or methods.

Our intent is to create a platform where members can share thought provoking questions and content that will help preserve and evolve the core of this art: its history, principles, theories and philosophies. Where there are plenty of sites that address the WHAT and the HOW, we feel that there are only a handful of sites that address the WHY of Magic, Art, Entertainment and self-expression.

In the coming months we’ll be working to formulate a clear path on how to grow and advance the site and its community. As we conceptualize some of these ideas, we’ll make sure to keep all of you informed, involved and engaged in shaping our goals and vision.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation. It is truly the only thing that makes this project exciting and viable. We look forward to reading and sharing your ideas.

Diego & Aaron