Our Vision

To empower self-expression and creativity through the discourse, study, practice and presentation of Magic, Art and Entertainment.

Our Values

Wonder over tricks
Meaning over explanations
Understanding over methods
Communication over patter
Emotions over logic
Astonishment over effects
Engagement over presentation
Self-expression above all else

While the items on the right help us construct effective performances and presentations, we believe that the values on the left are the key to evolving and advancing our understanding of Magic and its impact in our lives and that of our audiences.

Our Goal

At The Magicians’ Collective, our goal is to advance and elevate Magic as a form of self-expression and a path to unleash our creative-selves. We want to empower our members to create and present magical moments of wonder, not mere puzzles, tricks or effects.

We believe that learning how to think about Magic through the study of its theories, principles and philosophies will result in Magic with more meaning and moments of astonishment. To this end, we strive to create a platform where we can all come together to share our thoughts and creative ideas, and in the process inspire a deeper level of engagement in the Art of Magic.