Community Rules of Conduct

The Magicians’ Collective is a grand experiment in communal and collaborative content creation. Its aim is to bring the magic community together, through the writing, engagement and discussion of topics of interest with the aim of bettering our art and self-expression.

Because every time that humans come together in close proximity there is always the potential for conflict (just study world history), we feel the need to try and set some basic community rules of conduct that will hopefully allow and empower our members to engage in passionate yet civilize discussions where the objective is to evolve and elevate Magic, not put each other down. 

In an art form like ours, where thoughts and ideas are highly subjective, we expect our members to welcome differences of opinion and points of view. We realize that sometimes, there’s more learning and growth potential when we welcome dissenting and opposing opinions than when we simply group with those that agree with us. The world is big enough, and so is our community, to hold a wide variety of opinions. We welcome them all.

We have formulated the following community guidelines to help provide a safe environment where we can share our ideas and help each other to continue to grow as magicians, human beings and expressionists without having to fear personal attacks.

As this is an experiment, these guidelines may change from time to time, with or without notice as needs and ideas change and evolve.

If you feel that a particular guideline is inappropriate, or that further guidelines need to be updated or new ones introduced, please reach out to us here or via email at

Community Guidelines

  • Although the TMC owns and operates this site, we don’t necessarily agree or support some of the ideas expressed by some of our authors. We do, however, feel very strongly that the magic community is better off when there’s a broad variety of opinions and points of view. We recognize that not everyone will agree, and that is OK. Even amongst ourselves there is constant debate and discussion. That is how we all grow and learn. We just want to clarify that the articles found on this site are the opinions of the author and not necessarily that of The Magicians’ Collective or the team that runs it. We merely provide a platform for members of our community to express themselves.
  • We currently do not have any sponsorships or affiliate programs links. If an article has a direct link to a commercial website (e.g.: Vanishing Inc, Amazon, etc.) please know that we do not make any money if you purchase something there. Links may be present in articles to facilitate readers getting access to additional resources.
  • If as an author you provide an affiliate link and/or stand to generate some benefit by the promotion of said link, the expectation is that you will state this openly and clearly to our readers.
  • Any product link(s) found in an article do not represent an endorsement of the product by TMC team.
  • We will be transparent in all our dealing with the site, its authors and the community. If you feel that something is not right, please reach out to us.
  • Very simple rule: be nice or be gone!
  • Please be respectful of the TMC staff, our authors, our community and of each other.
  • Please refrain from any and all personal attacks. You may disagree with an idea or concept, but we expect ideas to be debated on this platform, not the person.
  • Agree to disagree and debate the idea not the person
  • If you see some inappropriate behavior, please contact us immediately here
  • For now, all comments will remain off. If you feel that you need to get in touch with an author, please do so through us.