Submissions Guidelines

We are so excited that you want to collaborate and contribute to our magic community. Creating and sharing content will help all of us to continue to learn and grow in our magic journey.

Below you’ll find some tips and guidelines. If you have any comments, questions, or ideas on how to improve our content or submission guidelines (or anything at all about our site) please drop us a line here.


The focus at The Magicians’ Collective is the creation and dissemination of content that can help everyone. From the newest of novices, to the most senior and successful performers, our aim is to create a platform for continued improvement. As such, our areas of interest are broad and varied, but just because you don’t find a particular topic listed below doesn’t mean that your content may not be suited for publication. We are always open to adding new topics that can keep our community learning and growing.

In general, here are some of the topics that we write about and publish on the site:

  • Magic’s history, theory, principles and philosophy
  • Pedagogy, learning and practice
  • Psychology, creativity, and self-expression
  • Art and Entertainment

In general, here are some of the topics that we don’t write about:

  • Magic tricks (however, it’s ok to teach one if it’s used to demonstrate one of the topics listed above)
  • Methods and sleights (again, ok to demonstrate one to support a core topic)
  • Product reviews (tricks, gimmicks, books, etc.) - this may change in the future based on community feedback

If you have an idea for an article but you are not sure if it will be suited for the site, drop us a line and let’s talk about it. We’ll always keep an open mind.

Submission Guidelines

  • All articles and required files should be submitted by email to:
  • File types: Word document or a Google docs
  • Articles’ length should be between 1,200 and 3,000 words (exceptions can be made)
  • 12pt fonts (serif or sans serif)
  • 1-inch margins, single spaced
  • Blank line between paragraphs
  • Please submit attachments like images or videos as individual file, not embedded in the document. Zip files are ok
  • Images: up to 10MB high-definition files (JPG or PNG)
  • Please indicate where in the article they should be embedded
  • Videos: public YouTube, Vimeo or other hosting site’s URL that are not password protected
  • Please indicate where in the article they should be embedded
  • Credits and references: please try to be as accurate as possible and try to at least provide a full name, publication information, link/URL, and/or book ISBN
  • If you are referencing a book, it would be great if you could provide a page number
  • By submitting content, whether it gets published or not, you declare that:
  • You are the original author and creator (absolutely NO plagiarism)
  • That any images or videos provided were created by you, are either in the public domain and/or you have legal copyright rights to use them
  • You are not being compensated by a person or company for creating and submitting the content to our site (This rule may change in the future when and if we decide to seek revenue creation opportunities)
  • We do not operate, currently, with deadlines but we try to publish a few times a month
  • You are free to submit as many articles as you’d like to and as often as you’d like (we still reserve the right to publish it or not)
  • We reserve the rights to edit submissions as needed and as appropriate, but we will never publish a final revision of a submitted article without the author(s) review and approval
  • We will NEVER publish a submitted article without first having a meeting or two with the author(s) and getting their authorization to publish in writing
  • All copyrights for all articles published on the TMC’s blog are jointly held by the author(s) and The Magicians’ Collective