The Magicians' Collective Team

Diego Schmunis

Diego’s passion for magic started when he went to his first lecture (Doc Eason) back in 2001. After reading Card College volume 1 from cover to cover, he went back to his local magic shop and bought The Book of Wonder set and fell deeply in love with Magic and its theory and philosophy. He’s a past president of the Portland Society of Magicians.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diego has spent nearly 20 years working for Silicon Valley startups where he has led Product, Design. Engineering and QA teams building video production platforms, user-generate content video players and a fully virtualized animation studio. When his last company was acquired by Amazon, in 2019, he and his family relocated to Portland, Oregon.

When he’s not developing new and innovative products, he can be found reading one of the many magic books in his library while holding a good dram of Scotch, listening to 80’s music, or fly fishing on a river.

Favorite magician: Rene Lavand
Favorite magic book: Magic in Mind by Joshua Jay

Aaron O'Neal

Aaron has been performing magic for some of the Pacific Northwest’s largest corporations (Nike, Intel and others) for the last ten years. He is a published magic author and served two years as president of the Portland Society of Magicians.

After a career in education (he holds a Masters in Education and taught elementary school in Flagstaff Arizona), he moved into financial services as a banker and lender, which gave him extensive hands-on experience running business operations and capital management. He has managed large commercial and private real estate venture deals with many successful exits.

He has two boys and enjoys the outdoors. He owns land on an island in Costa Rica and is developing a surf hostel and turtle sanctuary. You will most likely find him on the beach or on his surfboard in the summer. He is an avid baseball fan and has played organized baseball since he was five years old. In his limited spare time he plays guitar and enjoys writing.

Favorite magician: Garrett Thomas
Favorite magic book: Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz